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Huston Smith - Interview, San Jose Mercury News, Oct. 22, 1994 

     The positive side of evangelism is a sense of certainty; it doesnít have to  produce fanaticism, though thatís the danger of it. But the virtue of it is the spiritual energy it can infuse a life with. Liberals donít like certainty; they immediately think of fanaticism. I disagree with liberals in this because I see the energy it can infuse life with as very positive.

     The evangelical churches believe and are centered in an alternate reality to what exists in our everyday world. The liberal churches are secular to the core; thatís whatís causing an emptying out in the mainline churches. Why should people go to mainline churches - their lives are so busy - if theyíre not offering anything different to their everyday lives? In the last thirty years there has been an alarming decline in church membership, and the deep-lying reason is those churches have accommodated too much to the secular point of view. Theyíve become more secular in their thinking. The deepest religious impulse in us is recognition that there is a larger picture, an alternate reality, and thatís no longer proclaimed clearly and with conviction in the mainline churches.

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